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We Are Football - Junio 2021
(11-09-2022, 01:29 PM)titudeante escribió: No puedes ver enlaces como invitado. Regístrate o conectate para verlo.Parece que hay noticias. El 9 de septiembre pusieron esto en el discord.

Hello everybody,

once again a sign of life from us: we are still working at full speed, but unfortunately we still can't say much more. At least we can update our statements from a few weeks ago. 🙂

"Since this week we have strengthened our team in the area of technical programming and next month the team will grow by one more programmer. That makes me very happy right now. :)"

The new staff has arrived and hit the ground running. Now we are still looking for an Assistant Producer / QA employee, then we are complete for now. There will be an official job advertisement shortly.

That we have made progress internally in the database area for the future, I had already written elsewhere. The export is now start (pretty sure he means "strongly") improved - and you will later be able to select the countries you actually want to play with. Much has been done in the areas of finance, transfer market and AI, more about that soon. In different places here I had already written a few details.

Various user requests from the relevant threads have also been implemented, e.g. the highlighting of youth players in the last youth year, contracts for U17 players and many more.

As soon as there is something new, I will write it here or refer to it.

Many greetings

Si siguen puliendo me parece una opción genial para los que no tenemos tanto tiempo para profundizar en fm y queremos ligas más rápidas.
han sacado una actualizacion del mundial de qatar por 7 euros. esta en steam san pasando. yo espero a que saquen una nueva version del juego, si es que la habra que lo dudo
Vuelve a estar con 60% de descuento en Steam.

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