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Problems with my version :(
Hola y todos from Italia

i did my personal version of pcf starting on your actu 13/14 but i have some problems.
Initially I thought that the problem was in eq, because to edit it I used an Italian editor, while for jug I used only the editor of pablino .
But I think the problem is in jug, because using my eq with original jug of actu the game goes, otherwise using eq of actu and the jug modified by me I have same crash.

I thought I had solved after transforming all players "in liga jugable" and after using the function "transformar archivos EPCF jug" ... the crashes have declined but not completely disappeared.
before giving this function I had first crash from the first two seasons, but now began after 7/8 seasons

other strange thing is that the crash happen only in modo entrenador after doing normal transfer market (if I don't do market there are no crash), while without modo entrenador I never had crash even after 30 seasons

in this version:
I moved the holland league in belgium
created a mixed championship in Holland
created an Asian championship in Scotland
created a mixed championship in Argentina
I modified many players, names, strength, nationality ecc.

i hope somebody can help me to to make it work, thanks for your attention

eq: https://mega.nz/#!ugUXnLjD!4sw3kVE3Sb4fE...vdfTXHy0_U
jug: https://mega.nz/#!ahsQ0T4J!pdf0AyOfRWP8SN7iP8iN9Iur7hqpwza6X87_HhfY6RE

of course I also changed miniesc and nanoesc, I will lload as soon as possible
May be some player that is in the eq is not in the jug or viceversa. Using both editors at the same time is not a good idea...

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